See what’s next in Vivaldi with the latest public test builds

Adjust the Speed Dial size – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1511.4

april 9, 2019

Today’s snapshot includes new options for adjusting Speed Dial sizes and includes a major Chromium bump.

Crash fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1504.6

april 3, 2019

We are planning a minor update to Stable 2.4, so here is a snapshot to test some fixes out before we backport them.

New tab selection options – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1503.4

april 2, 2019

For today’s snapshot we make it easier to select tabs with keyboard shortcuts, Quick Commands or even mouse gestures.

Post 2.4 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1497.4

marts 27, 2019

Not wanting to rest on our laurels, we have a new snapshot for you, following today’s 2.4 stable release.

Vivaldi 2.4 RC 3 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.33

marts 26, 2019

Today’s snapshot is the third release candidate for 2.4.

Vivaldi 2.4 RC 2 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.29

marts 25, 2019

Today’s snapshot is the second release candidate for 2.4.

Vivaldi 2.4 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.26

marts 22, 2019

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for 2.4.

Getting closer – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.25

marts 21, 2019

For today’s snapshot the focus remains on fixing outstanding regressions.

Closing in on 2.4 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.4

marts 19, 2019

2.4 is getting quite close now, so today’s snapshot is focused on fixing recent regressions.

Bookmarks bar context menu support – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1483.4

marts 14, 2019

With today’s snapshot we have added support for context menus inside folders on the bookmarks bar (for Windows and Linux), fixed a ton of regressions and taken a minor bump to Chromium.