Building buttons that move

28 března, 2019

For the first time in Vivaldi history, a button can exist in more than one location. Here’s how we’ve been able to achieve this.

Image Properties tool in Vivaldi browser

A feature worth a thousand words

10 října, 2018

Photographers, designers, bloggers and other creators work with images all the time. With Image Properties in Vivaldi, you can learn how a picture is made.

Scrollbars in Vivaldi browser

Better Scrollbars in Vivaldi

27 srpna, 2018

In a recent Snapshot, we improved the scrollbars in the browser’s UI. Vivaldi Designer Henrik Helmers explains how the team accomplished the styling of scrollbars.

Page color in Vivaldi

23 srpna, 2018

Ever wondered how Vivaldi decides what color is selected for a given page? Vivaldi Designer Henrik Helmers explains.

How Vivaldi got its Lights

23 listopadu, 2016

Vivaldi designer Henrik Helmers tells the story behind one of the latest additions to the Vivaldi browser – an integration with Philips Hue smart lighting.

Snapshot 1.3.501.6 – Customizable UI themes

3 června, 2016

Today we are excited to open up a major new avenue for customization, by letting you make your own themes and completely change the appearance of Vivaldi.

Snapshot Startpage customization, UI zooming, auto-update on mac and more

1 června, 2015

Today’s Snapshot allows for further customisation of your Startpage in Vivaldi, adjust the zoom of the browser’s interface, and much more.

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