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Mira que hi ha de nou a Vivaldi

🎨 Personalize your Start Page with Custom Wallpapers

Add your personal touch to the browser background with any image from your photo gallery as wallpaper.

Your Start Page is a new place for your breathtaking landscape photos, cherished family photos, or motivational quotes.

Personalize your Start Page from the Settings > Start Page Wallpaper by adding any image with a tap on the plus button.

🌐Translate faster with Vivaldi Translate

Vivaldi Translate has improved performance and translation quality for multiple languages.

This built-in tool runs off our servers in Iceland and provides reliable and private translation services between 108 languages. There are no third parties involved or any data harvesting.

Want to know more about this feature? Read here.

Browsing with Mouse Gestures

🐁Using Vivaldi on your desktop? Try Mouse Gestures

If you aren’t already using Vivaldi’s Mouse Gestures on your Windows, Mac, or Linux, you are in for a treat!

They are on by default. Press the right mouse button down, and keep it pressed while moving the mouse left about 1 centimeter. Then release. After a bit of practice, this will be your preference too!

It doesn’t stop there. Draw your gestures and assign any of Vivaldi’s custom commands. Read more about Mouse Gestures on desktop.