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Vivaldi has been updated

What's New

The latest version of Vivaldi introduces a new way to manage your many, many tabs and adds improvements to the Download manager.

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bugs fixed


features added

Manage Tabs Like a Pro

The Window Panel is a tree-style tab manager that you can access in the side bar of Vivaldi. This powerful addition lets you manage, search and organize all of your open tabs in a familiar list view.

It's a great way to handle those 100+ tab days (we've all been there!).

It's All in the Details

This freshly updated version of Vivaldi includes a number of under-the-hood improvements, security updates and bug fixes. We really appreciate all of the feedback and your help in tracking down those pesky bugs.

As always, we'd love to hear what you think of the update. Feel free to drop us a comment on the blog post!

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