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Interested in reaching a tech savvy audience on a global scale? A growing number of premium partners promote their products and services in Vivaldi, a new web browser developed in Norway.

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Our exposure plans

Vivaldi Technologies develops and distributes a web browser which contains default Bookmarks and Speed Dials shown on the browser's Start Page.


When a new user downloads and starts Vivaldi for the first time, it will include a set of default Bookmarks to get them started. Partners can engage with our user base by placing a referral link in our default bookmark list.

Speed Dial

Reach more than 1,200,000 users worldwide by placing your links in our default Start Page. This page is shown to users when a new tab is opened, giving them quick access to their favorite sites.

Go mobile

The first mobile version of Vivaldi will be launched in the Fall of 2019, allowing users to bring their browser experience with them everywhere. Contact us to learn more about Partner opportunities in our new Android browser.

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