Snapshot 1.5.609.8 – Chromium update, bug fixes and Web Panel improvement

Ahoy! Here’s a new snapshot to get you started with this week.

The snapshot includes a chromium bump, several fixes and a few minor performance updates. As requested, it’s now also possible to add a web panel by dropping a url on the ‘+’ in the Panel window.

Download (1.5.609.8)


  • [Regression] Need to ctrl-k twice to focus searchfield, if it has an value (VB-21335)
  • [Regression] Bookmark manager thumbnail (VB-21388)
  • [Win10] Better contrast for hover state on window controls (VB-21177)
  • [Mac] Vivaldi fails to display it’s menus properly under certain conditions on macOS (VB-21267)
  • A dragged url is not opened in a new tab when dropped on the tab bar (VB-21371)
  • Let it be possible to add a web panel by dropping a url on the ‘+’ button (VB-21343)
  • Fixing a few issues leading to unreliable autocompletion (VB-20619)
  • Add support for ‘text/uri-list’ and ‘text/plain’ in url bar text field (VB-21336)
  • Progress bar is not displayed immediately after pressing Reload (F5) (VB-19994)
  • Page is not loaded after dropping text into address field (VB-21353)
  • Loading bar on the address animate right to left (VB-18074)
  • Dropping a link in the bookmark tree will not give the new item a title (VB-21407)
  • Rephrasing theme schedule description
  • Updating translations from Weblate

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