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Vivaldi 1.5RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.21

As a new week arrives, the first RC for 1.5 arrives with it. And for our Mac users, worry not, Mac is back once again! We’ve also fixed several regressions.


With today’s build we’ve fixed several regressions, proprietary media support on OpenSUSE, bookmark title dragging, as well as ungrouping of tabs. Our Show Tab Cycler has been updated to respect tab order. The full list of fixes is listed below in the changelog. Our focus towards 1.5 is fixing any regressions since 1.4, so when reporting issues in the comment section below, please keep that in mind.

Download (1.5.658.21)


  • [Mac] [Regression] Many pages show as blank (VB-22115)
  • [Linux] [Regression] Fix OpenSUSE H264/MP3 support (VB-23196)
  • [Regression] [Bookmarks] Saving bookmarks by dragging Tabs (VB-22040)
  • [Regression] [Bookmarks] Title is not saved when dragging from URL field (VB-23136)
  • [Regression] Ungroup Tab Stack Fails (VB-23133)
  • [Notes] Dragging can fail (VB-23112)
  • [Notes] Wrong drop indicator in panel (VB-23103)
  • Wrong tab switch order when “show tab cycler” is enabled (VB-14842)
  • Updated Chromium to 54.0.2840.100
Pål Andreas Franksson
Written by Pål Andreas Franksson

Working in QA and testing with a focus on Windows.

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