Snapshot 1.2.485.14 – Bugfixes following a short week

Hurrah for a new Snapshot and for Norway’s National Day! Fixes to bookmarks, an upgraded Chromium and more.

Hi All, we had a short week here in Europe due to various holidays, including Norway’s national day on the 17th of May but we wanted to get a snapshot out to you nonetheless. So Hurrah for Norway and Hurrah for a new snapshot!

Known issues

  • Caret is often missing when focusing text fields

Download (1.2.485.14)


  • [Regression] Edited URL cleared when switching tabs (VB-17741)
  • [Regression] Bookmark URL is not updated when focusing bookmarks (VB-17422)
  • [Mac] When OSX system settings that Vivaldi uses are changed, preferences should update without requiring a browser restart (VB-11123)
  • Fixed Ctrl+1-8 to also select the currently selected item in the Tab Stack and Ctrl+9 to select last tab
  • Fix for keeping focus when using single keys to switch tabs
  • Hibernation of tabs only works once
  • Clicking a search item in typed history tries to open URL instead of searching (VB-17515)
  • Added X to delete typed history directly from URL dropdown
  • Close Other Unselected Tabs is Broken (VB-17572)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 51.0.2704.54

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Thank you for downloading Vivaldi

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