Twice the fun – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1664.26

Since several key fixes arrived in short succession, and since we are closing in on final, here is a bonus build for you, our friendly testers.

Download (1664.26)

Changelog since 1664.25

  • [Address bar][Search] Suggestion in the search box do not work (VB-57167)
  • [Sync][Notes] Duplication: To benefit from the change, all synced clients must include this fix, and should then be logged out and reconnected manually from settings (VB-57285)
  • [User Profiles] Warn when deleting active profile (VB-54512)
  • Wrong title, favicon and URL after dismissing beforeunload dialog (VB-56408)

Changelog since 1664.4

  • [Address bar] Can not remove items from the typed history (VB-57319)
  • [Crash] Ticking ‘Block ads on abusive sites’ with private window open crashes (VB-56994)
  • [IME] Pressing Space and Delete evokes autocomplete (VB-57300)
  • [Windows][Linux] Horizontal menu hover highlight sticks to first item clicked (VB-57257)
  • [Windows][Linux] Too small margin around horizontal menu (VB-57303)

Main photo by Nenad Tocilovac

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Thank you for downloading Vivaldi

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