Snapshot 1.0.377.10 – Three days work and twenty two more fixes

Well last time we impressed you with 50+ fixes. Today we have 22 more. Not bad for 3 days work!

As you can see we are continuing with the rapid pace, so if you don’t see your pet bug listed yet, give it a few days and we may have it covered!

Thanks for the testing and feedback and enjoy your weekend!

Download (1.0.377.10)


  • VB-12217 Scrolling in bookmark manager: “New Bookmark, New Folder. Delete etc” remain visable
  • VB-12349 Document context menus contains wrong shortcuts and items
  • VB-10948 Not possible to specify a “clone tab” shortcut: can now be set in keyboard settings
  • VB-12318 [Mac] Show favicons for URLs in context menus
  • VB-12329 Keyboard Shortcut text input overflows
  • VB-12279 Clean up ZoomIndicator component and style
  • VB-12162 [Mac] No Extension icons on full screen mode
  • VB-12319 Let right click menu on navigation buttons open under the buttons
  • VB-2967 Show Bookmarks url in status bar when hovering on bookmark panel/manager: Removed this
  • VB-12162 [Mac] No extension icons on full screen mode
  • VB-12265 When URL is selected, you cannot give keyboard-focus to the search-field: Don’t set selection if focus lost
  • VB-12192 Moving Global Settings zoom option in Settings
  • VB-12277 No option to import settings from standalone Vivaldi if system has no default Vivaldi installation
  • VB-7705 Zooming when clicking on ⌘ after scrolling with touchpad
  • VB-9619 Language change popup not readable on dark theme
  • VB-10505 [Windows] Menu shows up on wrong monitor
  • VB-9319 Tab-audio draws outside of pinned tabs
  • VB-11007 Long click label on navigation buttons
  • VB-12145 Offer wider range of Start Page Backgrounds
  • Clipped tab title text fix
  • Prevent UI zoom on page zoom
  • Ignore trashed bookmarks in URL field suggestions
  • Download panel label overflow