Snapshot 1.0.334.3 – Fixes for tab title cropping and Windows XP

Here is a small update with a few key bugs fixed, including the problem with tab title cropping and broken Windows XP support.

In other news I appeared live on LINUX Unplugged yesterday, talking a little about Vivaldi. If you missed it and want to hear what I had to say and what they thought, there is a copy of the episode “Budgie Jumping | LUP 120” on YouTube (21 minutes and 30 seconds in, where the Vivaldi discussion begins)—yes, I need to get a better mic.

If you are a Linux fan, I would encourage you to listen to the whole thing (embedded below), since it was pretty interesting.

Download (1.0.334.3)


  • VB-10827 Adressfield Autocomplete overwrites lower type part of URL
  • VB-10682 Auto-completion of URLs is a little too eager on case
  • VB-5475 Find-in-page bar overlaps page content
  • VB-2283 Notes import from Opera forgot creation date
  • VB-7224 Document focus keeps getting lost after having focused address field once
  • VB-11075 Reload tab right click menu entry does not work
  • VB-10565 [Linux] Update rpm/deb description field
  • VB-9969 Esc doesn’t stop loading page
  • VB-3275 HTML5 form validation tooltips missing
  • VB-8257 Panel state is wrong in menus
  • VB-10897 Vivaldi doesn’t start on Win XP
  • VB-10464 [Mac] Doesn’t support standard tab switching shortcuts
  • VB-10705 Tab title does not use the full available tab width
  • VB-8187 Tab bar scrolling direction is inverted
  • VB-7583 Search in addressbar cant be disabled
  • VB-10932 Trash folder in bookmarks/notes should have a trash icon
  • VB-11046 Horizontal menu setup is not efficient
  • VB-10934 No default bookmarks bar any more
  • VB-7195 Restore Search Engines setting
  • VB-10929 Adhere to OS X scroll direction system setting
  • VB-10973 Main menu update and loading is not efficient
  • VB-10715 Japanese IME issues with Tab key
  • VB-8251 Tame high-precision input devices: partial fix

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