Snapshot Spatial navigation improvement, Mac build fixes, Windows 64bits get auto-update

In the latest Snapshot version of the Vivaldi browser, we make improvements to spatial navigation, fixes for Mac builds, and Windows 64bits gets auto-update.

Hi everyone,

Most of the Vivaldi team, which is located mainly in Norway and Iceland, have travelled to Magnolia, MA last week to code together during the month of June. Magnolia is a beautiful little New England town by the ocean, 45 min north of Boston.

While we are all here staying and coding together, we are hoping to make some good progress toward our first Beta. But of course, over the weekend we also had some fun by doing some paddling, cycling, swimming etc!

Anyway, highlights for this week’s weekly build in a nutshell:

We made some improvement in Spatial navigation. All the shortcuts are hooked into regular keyboard shortcut settings. Go to URL is now integrated into Quick Commands. And, the bug that has been bothering Mac users for quite some time now, Command + T opens two tabs, has been fixed! There are some more work left for Paste and Go, but it’s in the context menu. For those of you running Windows 64bits build, we have now enabled auto update for you too! Let us know how it’s working for you.


Download (


  • VB-5932 – SpatNav avoid page scrolling
  • VB-5313 – Globally register Ctrl+Shift+V
  • VB-6003 – Keyboard settings titles splitted
  • VB-5296 – Spatial navigation selection of element improvements
  • VB-4048 – Spatnav skips element
  • VB-3940 – Spatial navigation doesn’t follow horizontal links
  • VB-6005 – Change interval of UI Zoom slider to 5% instead of 10%
  • VB-5989 – Spatnav need to use the regular keyboard shortcut system
  • VB-5809 – Spatnav doesn’t fire mouseout/mouseleave events
  • VB-5783 – Bookmark description is not used when searching for bookmarks
  • VB-5133 – Double new tab when CMD + T on Mac
  • VB-4602 – Need a way to turn off spatnav
  • VB-3849 – Keyboard shortcuts doesn’t work on
  • VB-3396 – Go to URL should be easier with quick command than it is now.
  • VB-6052 – Installer opening a second installer window
  • VB-6015 – “Page actions” translation is missing
  • VB-2055 – Paste and go context menu on adress bar
  • VB-6065 – Add new folder button becomes invisible after a few clicks

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