Snapshot 1.0.375.3 – Over fifty further fixes and improvements

Today’s snapshot focuses on bug fixing, with more than fifty fixes and improvements since last build. Check out the details and download our latest build now!

As always, let us know if you see any regressions and feel free to remind us of critical fixes that are needed as we approach a final.

Download (1.0.375.3)

Known issues

  • No Mac builds this time: they will return in future update


  • VB-10552 [Windows] Most function keys are missing in menus
  • VB-12259 Combine ‘Paste and Go’ and ‘Paste as Plain Text or Paste and Go’
  • VB-10800 If I am loading a URL in private mode but then quickly change the window a entry appears in the history
  • VB-207 [Windows] [Linux] Show favicons for URLs in menus
  • VB-12190 Bookmarklet’s name not set properly when dragging & dropping to Bookmarks Bar/Panel
  • VB-7509 Implement support for import from standalone Vivaldi
  • VB-12216 Wrong colors used in Speed Dial drawer when ‘opposite interface color’ is used
  • VB-12218 Typed history button disabled on startup
  • VB-12145 Offer wider range of Start Page Backgrounds: work in progress
  • VB-11663 [Regression] Password manager always tries to save passwords
  • VB-9304 Sorting of bookmarks not stored permanently after Vivaldi restart
  • VB-2967 Show bookmarks url in status bar when hovering on bookmark panel/manager
  • VB-12125 javascript urls should work in addressfield
  • VB-12178 Clean up ‘Tabs Settings’
  • VB-12198 New tab is created when closing tab from Tab Stack
  • VB-11007 Long click label on navigation buttons
  • VB-12160 [Regression] Full keyboard access is controlling also Toolbar focus cycling setting
  • VB-11592 After exiting fullscreen on YouTube, the audio-icon on the tab disappears.
  • VB-11791 Ctrl+Shift+MouseWheel zooms Vivaldi’s UI instead of webpage contents
  • VB-12182 Paste and go does not handle search queries with keyword
  • VB-11546 Cannot drag and drop link from address bar to an folder on the bookmark bar
  • VB-12148 [Windows] [Linux] Change default shortcut for toggling status bar
  • VB-10728 Global setting for zoom
  • VB-12143 [Regression] Status bar checkbox is missing in main menu
  • VB-12124 Developer tools in main menu opens settings UI not active page
  • VB-11191 Wrong behaviour of mouseup event on navigation buttons
  • VB-2309 Import Settings just shows open dialog
  • VB-1975 Bookmarklets don’t work
  • VB-12120 Do not remove scheme from view-source://, file:// and javascript:// urls
  • VB-3737 Vivaldi covers taskbar on top and on left side
  • VB-12118 Pageload indicator has wrong color when favicon is missing
  • VB-332 [Windows] Import data: wheel keeps spinning if Opera 12 doesn’t exists
  • VB-11078 Add right click on navigation buttons
  • VB-11807 Settings for Cookies are ignored
  • VB-12015 [Regression] Page badge callout does not appear when zoomed 110%
  • VB-10892 Misleading / unclear focus settings
  • VB-12060 Settings search field looses focus
  • VB-12022 Fullscreen state is kept after restart and more
  • VB-12034 Main menu and context menus shall display mnemonics (underlined letters)
  • VB-11211 [Regression] Favicon not updating when going from any site with favicon to a site without
  • VB-11787 Make scroll wheel on tabs an option and off by default
  • VB-11967 New status bar setting turns off status bar by default
  • VB-11422 Vivaldi does not check if it is default on startup
  • VB-8824 Cookie manager: Add Delete all visible cookies button
  • VB-11959 Add Georgian language
  • VB-10551 [Windows] [Linux] Add support for static icons in main menus
  • VB-8070 Setting option to disable the close tab “x” button on tabs
  • Update the Linux repositories and packages to use the new signing key
  • Dropdown triggers on mouse down
  • Simplify setup for checkboxes in main menus
  • ‘Default Red Color’ now ~20% darker
  • Big settings combout fixes