Snapshot 1.0.429.5 – A fix for videos causing freezes and a new option for tab switching

New Snapshot time! We’ve fixed the freeze that Windows 10 users were experiencing with videos on news sites, Twitter and Facebook.

In today’s snapshot we have fixed the freeze that Windows 10 (Threshold 2) users were experiencing with videos on news sites, Twitter and Facebook. We also added a new option to help users who miss being able to “minimise” tabs. Finally, we fixed a few recent regressions and some other annoying bugs.

Click Active Tab to Switch to Previous Tab

When you have a lot of tabs it can be easy to get lost. Suppose a notification causes you to switch to a tab containing your Twitter feed. Once done, how do you find your way back to the tab you were looking at previously? With four or five tabs this is easy. However, with 30 tabs (especially if some of them are similar looking) it can be more tricky.

We already attempt to solve this problem by mapping our tab switching short cut (Ctrl+Tab) to cycle through activation order. A few of you however specifically asked for behavior similar to the “minimise tab” method provided by Presto Opera’s MDI (multi-document interface). Our new option provides a close approximation of this. By clicking on the currently active tab you are taken one step back in the activation history.

Even if you never minimised tabs before, this method might also appeal to those of you who wanted something a bit more touchpad and mouse friendly. Give the option a try and let us know what you think! You will find the setting under “Tabs → Tab Features → Click Active Tab to Switch to Previous Tab” in our preferences.

Download (1.0.429.5)


  • [Windows 10 TH2] HTML5 proprietary media can cause Vivaldi to Freeze (VB-12138)
  • [Mac] Vivaldi not shown when clicking Vivaldi icon (VB-11036)
  • [Regression] Space on YouTube fullscreen video activates Fast Forward instead of pause (VB-13726)
  • [Regression] Tab context menu contains not applicable items – Tile/ungroup Tab Stack etc. (VB-14274)
  • [Regression] Remove Tab Spacing In Maximized Windows option doesn’t work (VB-14289)
  • [Regression] Wrong scheme prepended when copying URL in address field (VB-13873)
  • [Regression] Dragging speed dials inside folder reloads start page (VB-14319)
  • Click on active tab and switch to last active tab: “Tabs → Tab Features → Click Active Tab to Switch to Previous Tab” (VB-12661)
  • “Disable search in address field” disables search shortcuts without notice (VB-13333)
  • URL input takes me to bookmark instead of the desired webpage (VB-14022)
  • Tab’s thumbnails and tooltips are displayed at the same time (VB-14350)
  • Encoded URL in history (VB-13954)
  • Search shortcuts are case sensitive (VB-14024)
  • Gmail attachment download does not pickup unicode filename (VB-4374)
  • Spatnav collides with duckduckgo spatnav: disabled Vivadldi spatnav on DDG for now (VB-13845)
  • Address bar drop down is triggered on paste and go (VB-13975)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 49.0.2623.102

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