Snapshot 1.0.344.34 – move tabs between windows

This small update to Friday’s snapshot is a beta 2 candidate release. Being Vivaldi, we couldn’t resist adding in (our initial implementation) of a feature to move tabs between windows. We also fixed a nasty crash.

Moving tabs between windows

We have added a new context menu to tabs that will allow you to move tabs between windows. If you only have one window the only option will be to create a new one. Otherwise, your other windows will be listed, named by their currently focussed tab.

Move Tabs Menu

We have more planed for this feature before we go final but wanted to give you a little taste of things to come.

Download (1.0.344.34)


  • VB-11463 Detach tab menu
  • VB-11444 Crashes when creating note when a folder is selected

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