Snapshot 1.0.300.5 – Support HTML5 MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4AVC & AAC) Video and MP3 Audio

In today’s snapshot we have added support for HTML5 MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4AVC & AAC) Video and MP3 Audio. This should significantly improve site compatibility on many multimedia websites. We also fixed 15 other important issues.

I smiled when I saw today’s build number 1.0.300.5 and knew it was perfect for a snapshot because I instantly thought of the famous scene in the movie “300”, where King Leonidas kicks an enemy into a pit. I found myself visualising our founder Jon, shouting “THIS IS VIVALDI!!!” and kicking bugs into one of one of Iceland’s famous volcanoes. 😉 If you think the same, fan art below please!

Improved HTML5 Video and Audio support

We now support an even wider range of video and audio formats. If you were having issues with audio/video on certain sites previously please test them again, as you should see an improvement. If you countinue to encounter issues or experience new ones, let us know.

The changes we have made to support these formats require recent versions of Windows or MacOSX (older versions may still encounter problems due to certain features not being present in your OS). On Ubuntu Linux, you need to install the chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra package and restart your browser before Vivaldi will start supporting them. If you use another distro, read this page for more information on how you can get these video and audio formats working.

As always, thanks for testing. The whole Vivaldi team wishes you a great weekend (just remember to post that fan art)!

Download (1.0.300.5)


  • VB-1469 Proprietary Media – Support HTML5 MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4AVC & AAC) Video and MP3 Audio
  • VB-9901 Reopening parent window does not work
  • VB-9898 Autocomplete immediately replaces removed text
  • VB-9682 Remove Google docs warning
  • VB-9457 [Linux] some web panels become empty after restart
  • VB-9665 Vivaldi crash on website when installing search engine
  • VB-8114 Dot keyboard shortcut to invoke Find in Page missing
  • VB-9857 Cant add Speed Dial via add dialog
  • VB-9850 Keyword in addressfield not showing correct search engine in dropdown
  • VB-9861 Session management is broken with more than one window
  • VB-5068 Import button should say Choose File in Import Data
  • VB-9637 Pressing Down Arrow while adding a new SD causes Addressbar to open
  • VB-9816 Panel state not stored for new windows / certain startup modes
  • VB-9830 Bookmarks position lost when going back
  • VB-8691 Missing search history
  • VB-9552 Vivaldi opens restored before it maximizes: Partial fix

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