Further address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1587.4

For today’s snapshot we fix a number of recent regressions, with special focus on the address bar. We have also updated Chromium to 76.

The address field is in the midst of a major rewrite at the moment (as you might have noticed 😉) and as such you may encounter more issues than usual. Just let us know and everything will work out in the end. 😜

Known Issues

  • [Tabs] PDF viewer is empty when opened in the background: has been reverted because it causes further regressions (VB-51691)

Download (1587.4)


  • [Regression] Can not copy image metadata to clipboard sometimes (VB-54621)
  • [Regression] Set default browser dialog crashes UI (VB-54726)
  • [Regression][Developer Tools] Changing theme causes crash (VB-48004)
  • [Regression][Quick Commands] Right arrow defunct after paste (VB-54665)
  • [Regression][Address Bar] Escape does not blur (VB-54559)
  • [Regression][Address Bar] Page is not reloaded after reentering URL (VB-54505)
  • [Regression][Address bar] Auto completion of about:blank can crash JS UI (VB-54682)
  • [Address Bar] Fix Easter egg navigation (Go button) (VB-29233)
  • [Address Bar] URLs cannot be longer than 2000 characters (VB-45796)
  • [Address Bar] Shift + Arrow key text selection missing (VB-54601)
  • [Find in Page] Drag and drop selected text (VB-54592)
  • [Mac][Bookmarks Bar] Folder is misaligned with multiple monitors (VB-53486)
  • [Context Menu] Fixed order for open link options (VB-54649)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 76.0.3809.38

Main photo by Ray Hennessy

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