Snapshot – TP4 is just around the corner

We have done a lot of work on bug fixing this last week, with fixes for double rendering, the dark theme, UI zoom, keyboard shortcuts, history, gestures, Speed Dial and more!

Having spent the last few days killing many annoying issues, we are now really close to an updated technical preview. We hope to have a few more fixes but we think we are almost there. How is this build feeling for you? Are you aware of any major regressions since TP3? What do you think are the biggest outstanding issues with the newly introduced features?

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  • VB-7582 Speed Dial columns settings not working/not named correctly
  • VB-7612 Drop-down menu coloring needs improvement: drop-down menus readable and styled according to theme, window control buttons coloring fixed in various extremes
  • VB-7492 Setting UI zoom with arrow keys breaks: Allowing UI zoom by 5% step
  • VB-2319 Regression: Toggling Vivaldi jumpy
  • VB-7587 Use callback props instead of window events for communication: Solved blur/focus issues, related to VB-2319
  • VB-7581 Speed Dial setting for columns always reset to 1
  • VB-7579 UI Zoom misplaces the search bar in the settings window
  • VB-7409 URL selection does not disappear in address bar after Enter
  • VB-7405 Popup dialogs are impossible to read in dark UI
  • VB-5360 [Mac] Cannot minimize Vivaldi with ⌘m
  • VB-4285 Bookmark popup does not close
  • VB-5128 [Mac] Double menu when ⌘m on Mac
  • VB-2267 Link context menu on history page does not work well
  • VB-5009 “Older” in history does not work
  • VB-3837 Too many window/tab resize events
  • VB-7561 Window state messed up when minimizing from fullscreen
  • VB-7519 User-configurable Speed Dial count
  • VB-7442 Alt + Mouse Gesture doesn’t work on Mac or Linux
  • VB-7572 Scroll on tabbar and Right Mouse Button+scroll don’t work under Linux
  • VB-7657 Regression: popup windows can’t be minimized
  • VB-6163 Shift+Left/Light in adressbar field not working
  • VB-7252 UI at bottom overflows when resized to a small size
  • VB-7403 Address field dropdown inaccessible to keyboard

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