Snapshot 1.0.365.3 – First fixes for 2016

Happy New year! To celebrate, here is our first snapshot with some new settings and even more bug fixes.

Last year was a very good year. We released two betas, four technology previews and more than than fifty snapshots! None of which would have been possible without your feedback, bug reports and support. We can’t thank you enough for all the help and encouragement you have provided the team.

Of course we are not done yet, 2016 should be even better, as we work towards a final release and introduce even more features.

Download (1.0.365.3)


  • VB-9274 List of gestures in Settings inaccurate: Settings → Mouse → Gesture Mapping
  • VB-8959 Starting conflict between “Install as User” and other “Standalone” Vivaldis: this fix allows you to run several Vivaldis at once
  • VB-7287 Option to disable tabs cycling with mouse wheel: Settings → Mouse → Scroll Tab Switching → Switch Tabs by Scrolling
  • VB-7224 Document focus keeps getting lost after having focused address field once
  • VB-4628 [Windows] [Linux] Alt does not open the Vivaldi menu: Shown on mouse release
  • VB-3409 Link address doesn’t get shown without status bar: Settings → Appearance → Window Appearance → Status Bar → Show Status Info Overlay
  • VB-3172 Dual Vivaldi icons in the task bar when using standalone install
  • VB-11929 Alt opens contextual menu on OSX
  • VB-11832 Vivaldi crash when submit credit card number on Windows
  • VB-11728 [Windows] [Linux] Add support for Alt+[key] shortcuts in main (horizontal) menu bar: e.g. Alt+F to open “File” menu
  • VB-11597 Can not switch between settings sections after search
  • VB-11570 Browser freezes after taking a screenshot in the notes panel
  • VB-10780 Deleting history items via address bar doesn’t work
  • VB-10741 JS confirm() / alert() dialogs do not adapt to long messages
  • VB-10297 Notes imported from Opera not rendered before a restart