Closing in on 2.4 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.4

2.4 is getting quite close now, so today’s snapshot is focused on fixing recent regressions.

Download (1488.4)


  • [Regression] Bookmark cancel button adds the page as a bookmark (VB-50713)
  • [Regression] Empty download panel after update to 73 (VB-50099)
  • [Regression] Reader settings icon isn’t visible in some themes (VB-50714)
  • [Regression] Escape key does not close find in page and quick command dialogs (VB-50728)
  • [Regression] Extension popups disabled when extension toggle closed (VB-50730)
  • [Regression] White background for add webpanel button on dark themes (VB-50727)
  • [Regression] Restore the width of the Page Action Pop-up (VB-50779)
  • [Regression] Reader mode settings are gone after switching tab (VB-50660)
  • Google Hangouts doesn’t ask permission to use camera or microphone (VB-50340)
  • Camera / Microphone permission mixup (VB-18405)
  • Add setting to disable profile icon in Address bar (VB-50671)
  • Make option to use Vivaldi, Blink or disable Spatial Navigation: Default disabled (VB-50680)
  • Escape key can’t be (re)assigned as a keyboard shortcut (VB-50607)

Main photo by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes

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