Snapshot – A cleaner Speed Dial and lots of fixes

In preparation for TP4, this Snapshot focuses mainly on bug fixes and a few more customization options on Speed Dial!

Speed Dial with title and + removed

Before we dive right into some of the changes made in this week’s snapshot build, we thought we would spend a little bit time explaining our plan going forward.

As our development continues on toward beta, we have added quite a few new features and made some significant changes to our products over the last two months, since TP3.

Because many people around the world download Vivaldi browser TP3, a build available for public download from, we thought it would be a good idea to release another newer Technical preview based on the current snapshot code.

As preparation for TP4, this snapshot focuses on mainly bug fixes, but sneaked in a few more customization options on Speed Dial!

More Speed Dial options

For many people, after you have your favorite sites setup, the Speed Dial doesn’t tend to change that much and hence the + and the titles may no longer be necessary. So we added a few new options to help give you a cleaner look, by selectively disabling the parts you now longer need.

Speed Dial with title and + removed

Have a look under “V-menu →Start Page → Speed Dial”. The Speed Dial titles can be set to show only on hover, or hidden completely and the + button can now be removed.

A few more details

The changelog is fleshed out a little today. We have also mentioned some of the other small fixes that don’t have bug numbers assigned to them. We can’t promise that we will always give you this extra detail but since this build is about bug fixing rather than new features, we figured it was worth the effort.

As always, thanks in advance for all the feedback and reports. You have helped us so much to shape this browser and we really appreciate it!

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  • VB-6698 – UI Zoom not remembered
  • VB-5951 – Vertical menu leaves a blank space
  • VB-7242 – Mouse wheel tab switching is way too sensitive with high precision mice
  • VB-7244 – Cannot close the search engine selector by pressing ESC
  • VB-7259 – Spatial navigation overlay gets misplaced
  • VB-7183 – View keyboard shortcut list menu item not visible on Linux
  • VB-7239 – Mail tokens table contains links to messages that has been removed or deleted.
  • VB-7425 – Updating from TP3 to current Snapshot breaks settings if they have been changed.
  • VB-7230 – Drag and drop of URL address bar messes up URL field content
  • VB-7460 – Speed dial title display issue
  • VB-7465 – Trigger the “Add to Speed Dial” dialog by either context menu, or double-click
  • VB-7488 – Setting focus and clicking once more at the speed dial title causes double-text
    • Also fixed vertical text shift on Windows
  • VB-6166 – Spatial Navigation scroll does not work after focus left article
  • VB-2801 – Search URL field was too narrow for some languages.
    • Address is the main field now
    • Tabbing to buttons possible
    • Closing the editing UI on other interactions
    • Renamed keyword to Nickname, according to the same field in bookmarks
  • VB-6125 – Add setting to: Hide/Show Speed Dial titles, also add option to only show on Hover
  • VB-7491 – Tabbing through settings stops at UI zoom slider
  • VB-7518 – Spatial Navigation does not reach content and is invisible –
  • VB-6187 – Add setting to remove + (plus) button from speed dial. (Show/hide)
    • Not hiding the button when the Speed Dial is empty.
    • Grouping Speed Dial-related settings under a common section title.
  • VB-2134 – Settings structure needs more work
    • Rearranged according to feedback
    • Listed in order of categories in Display All view
    • Fixed UI coloring checkbox in Appearance
    • Fixed ever appearing “Tabs” title in search results
  • VB-6853 – Spatial navigation: First link selected must be dependant of the arrow pressed
  • VB-7487 – UI pushed up after creating a bookmarks folder
  • VB-7471 – First backspace in address field not deleting last character
  • VB-7478 – UI pushed up after creating a bookmarks folder
  • VB-7485 – Bookmarks editing broken
  • VB-7421 – (Mac) Sync double click behavior with Linux and Windows (Maximize Window)
  • VB-7049 – Add an item in the Help menu/Ctrl + F1 to improve discovery of Keyboard shortcuts list
  • VB-5206 – Download panel doesn’t get activated automatically if another panel is open
  • VB-3766 – Esc doesn’t work as expected in “Add to speed dial” dialog
  • VB-2134 – Settings structure needs more work
  • VB-7403 – (Attempted fix) Address field dropdown inaccessible to keyboard: Handle event handlers in focus/blur
  • VB-7194 – Accessible keyboard shortcut settings
    • visible buttons when focused (not only hover)
    • keyboard-accessible buttons
  • Incrementing Chromium version to 44.0.2403.75

Note: In addition to the bugs fixed in the changelog, there are further small tweaks to the light theme, additional spatnav fixes, minor bookmark panel appearance tweaks and a few language improvements.

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