Snapshot 1.3.551.27 – Are we there yet?

This morning’s snapshot includes almost everything we need for 1.3. The following build will be the release candidate.

When reporting issues below, please focus on regressions since the previous snapshot. If you want to discuss new features or long standing issues to be addressed after 1.3, please use our forums.


Download (1.3.551.27)


  • [Windows][Linux][Regression] Vivaldi Crashes when making a Flash video full screen (VB-20257)
  • [Mac] Swipe gestures only work with two fingers and not with three (VB-15310)
  • [Regression] [Notes] First note does not open after closing and opening the note panel (VB-20158)
  • [Regression] [Notes] CPU eating while editing notes (VB-18922)
  • [Regression] [Addressbar] Alt-Enter in Address Field and Search Field broken (VB-19549)
  • [Regression] [Addressbar] Missing Mouseover Highlight Effect at the first result item in the Dropdown (VB-20222)
  • [Regression] Esc and Enter don’t work in Bookmark URL editor (VB-19558)
  • [Crash] TripAdvisor Check In / Check Out red fields cause Vivaldi to restart (VB-20106)
  • [Themes] With any dark theme, “Sort (bookmarks)” dropdown has a hard to read text color (VB-20191)
  • More updates to the translations for 1.3 (VB-20288)