Information about releases, updates and snapshots of the Vivaldi browser for Android

Minor update (3) for Vivaldi Android Browser 4.0

July 16, 2021

Today’s minor update includes a Chromium bump with security fixes.

Fixes and more fixes – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2352.3

July 9, 2021

Today’s snapshot fixes crashes from the last snapshot, and includes some improvements.

Stay in browser setting – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2350.3

July 7, 2021

Today’s snapshot includes a new option Open external pages in Vivaldi, and a diversity of fixes and improvements.

Tab stacking improvements – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2338.4

June 24, 2021

This snapshot includes tab stacking improvements and introduces an option to disable it.

3 new ways to speed up browsing on Android

June 22, 2021

Vivaldi on Android has 3 new features that can save you time and help you browse better – without any privacy trade-offs.

Minor update (2) for Vivaldi Android Browser 4.0

June 18, 2021

Today’s minor update includes a Chromium bump, and several crash fixes.

Regression fixes and a minor Chromium bump – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2330.3

June 17, 2021

Today’s snapshot includes a minor Chromium bump, a diversity of regression fixes and translate improvements.

Minor update for Vivaldi Android Browser 4.0

June 12, 2021

This update includes a potential fix for the blank screen problem and security fixes from the Chromium project.

Vivaldi 4.0: Vivaldi Translate and betas of Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feed Reader are here

June 9, 2021

With our biggest launch of the year, we aim to give you a real alternative to Big Tech. Today’s update expands our integrated tools in the browser with major additions: Vivaldi Translate and the much-awaited beta versions of Vivaldi Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader.

Vivaldi Mobile RC 1 – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2313.5

June 4, 2021

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for the next Vivaldi Mobile stable release.

Closing on stable – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2311.3

June 1, 2021

A few more fixes before we move snapshots to RC mode.

Fixes here and there – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2307.3

May 28, 2021

This snapshot contains a Chromium bump and fixes for search engine bar, language settings and bookmarks.